Williamsburg: A Historic Love Story
by Deirdre Roesch

Hallmark’s next film begins as a flashback to 2005. Lead characters Deirdre and George live in New Jersey. Her husband has decided to take her on a surprise trip. Once they cross the Virginia State Line, they pull over at a rest stop and he blindfolds her. 

George: We’ll be there in a couple of hours, so you might as well take a nap.
Deirdre: It’s a good thing I am not claustrophobic. Where are we going? Why won’t you tell me?
George: It’s a surprise. Make sure your blindfold is on tightly.
Deirdre: [in frustration] UGHHHHH. OKAYYYYY!!!!!

Scene cuts to George driving into the Merchant Square parking garage, opening Deirdre’s door and gently pulling her out of the car.

Deirdre: Can I take my blindfold off yet?
George: Not yet.
Deirdre: You stink.
George: I know. [Giggles.] Okay, watch your step, the sidewalk is kind of wobbly.
Deirdre: How am I supposed to watch my step when I can’t see, silly goose?
George: You know what I mean.

Scene cuts to George slowing taking off Deirdre’s blindfold. As her eyes open, her smile begins to widen.

Deirdre: Where are we? This place is ADORABLE!
George: We’re in Colonial Williamsburg.
Deirdre: Oh my gosh! I love it here.

Deirdre and George hold hands and start to walk down Duke of Gloucester Street toward the Capitol Building. Deirdre is mesmerized by the lantern lights, the colonial buildings and the carriage rides.

Deirdre: Why did you bring me here?
George: I wanted to share a place that brings me as much joy as you do.
Deirdre: That’s really sweet.

Deirdre stares at George with googly eyes.

Deirdre: You know, I really think I could live here.
George: Me too.
Deirdre: Why don’t we? We can’t afford New Jersey. It’s got to be less expensive.
George: Yeah, you’re right. [without hesitation] Let’s do it.

Scene shows George and Deirdre talking, walking and concocting their three-year relocation plan. Movie cuts to 2008. George and Deirdre move to Williamsburg with their six-month-old baby, Isabella. Then there’s a montage of their life together over the past 12 years. Now in 2020, Deirdre’s life is starting to feel incomplete. We see George and Deirdre walking down DoG Street again.

Deirdre: George, you know I love it here, but I am starting to feel like something is missing.
George: Okay, let’s talk about it.
Deirdre: I like my current job, but I am not passionate about it.
George: What are you passionate about?
Deirdre: You know I love this city. [pause] My dream job would be working for an organization where I can share the amazing opportunities it has to offer. I want visitors to feel the love I felt when I came here for the first time.
George: I’m sure there are jobs like that available.
Deirdre: I’m sure there are too. I just need to keep my eyes and ears open for that perfect one.
George: You know I support you. I will be on the lookout as well.
Deirdre: Thanks, honey.

Scene cuts to George and Deirdre at home one day in early March. He rushes through the back door after getting home from work and greets her enthusiastically.

George: [waving a piece of paper in the air] I found it!
Deirdre: Found what?
George: Your dream job.
Deirdre: Really? Where?
George: Visit Williamsburg.
Deirdre: Oh, my goodness! [Takes the advertisement out of his hand and reads it.]
George: You meet all of the qualifications. You have a communications and public relations degree. You’re dedicated to the community. 
You yearn to be creative. You develop communications plans and execute press events. You’re a member of a public information officers’ organization. This job is perfect for you!
Deirdre: You’re right! I am applying tonight!

The movie cuts to Deirdre in bed typing away and tweaking her resume. George eventually joins her but let’s her focus on the task at hand. She takes a deep breath and smiles.

Deirdre: Okay, I’m about to send it.
George: You’ve got this!
Deirdre: Thanks, honey! I love you.

Deirdre submits her resume and cover letter. She closes her laptop and gives George a hug. End scene.

Viewers will have to wait and see if Deirdre’s dream comes true.

Talk about a cliffhanger.