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Design iOS (Human Interface) and Android (Material Design) versions of a native mobile app that solve a unique, specific user problem.

What's The Big Idea?

Have you ever been asked to donate your spare change to a nonprofit while you're checking out at a store?

A new app lets you choose where you want your spare change to go. You can designate a different charity at each store.



  • Individuals who want to round up their purchases to donate to a good cause.

  • Nonprofits, schools, churches or other organizations that need to raise money.

The Problem It Solves

  • Allows micro-philanthropists to select and then automatically donate change from a dollar to their chosen nonprofit.

  • Gives organizations the opportunity to raise money throughout the year.


Competitive Analysis



Acorns' design is sleek and modern. The app takes a user on a step-by-step, but lengthy, registration process. The process should be shorter and more intuitive.



Chime has a quirkier vibe and a simplistic feel. It's a banking app rather than a spare-change app.

User Flow:
Jobs To Be Done

Sign Up For An Account

I want to join Small Change so I can designate an organization to receive my donations.


I want to add my organization to the app's database in order to receive donations.

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Set Up A Donation

  • I want to choose and donate my spare change to the organization of my choice.

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Onboarding Screens

  • Sign up to donate your spare change to an organization you're passionate about.

  • Nominate your nonprofit to be added to Small Change's database.

Donations Dashboard

  • Determine where your donations are made based on where you shop.

  • View which organizations are receiving the most donations.





Goals Dashboard

  • See how much you've earned and how much remains to achieve a goal that you set.

  • Learn which Small Change members are earning the most money for a good cause.

User Feedback

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Small change final (2).png

Style Guide

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Final Mockups



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Small change final (5).png


My goal was to create an application that was visually bold and appealing, and allowed micro-philanthropists and nonprofit leaders to painlessly set up donations. I believe I achieved this by creating an app that takes users on an easy, step-by-step onboarding process.

In terms of design, the biggest challenge was structuring a screen in a way that it would incorporate text and an illustration without requiring the user to scroll up or down on the screen in order to complete a particular step. When it came time to produce mockups, I also needed to reformat and resize the designs to fit a particular phone model.

In the future, I would try to templatize the structure of the design screens so I won't be required to constantly modify the space where the content lives. This will save time and energy.