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I could lie and say that I enjoy nice long walks on the beach, but I really don't. My idea of having fun is working on creative content (visual and textual) for a variety of businesses around the world. My dream career would be to use my creativity to help a community achieve its full potential. When I am not working in an office, I am at home helping my pre-teen daughter with her homework (if/when she lets me), cooking dinner, watching Hallmark movies or spoiling my husband and my dog (not particularly in that order).

Public Relations Marketing Development  Writing 
Campaign Management 

 Branding   Social Media

Graphic Design   Web Design  Creative Initiatives

create unique content, design marketing materials and websites, and manage marketing campaigns.

As a professional marketing developer, I’ve met my fair share of challenges. The client knows what he needs to make his project or message pop, but he can’t picture it. Oh yeah, and he needs it now.

In the marketing or public relations industry, you learn to adapt to this kind of atmosphere. You promptly do your research. Then you envision a concept in your head. Next, you implement it. Finally, you meet (or beat) a deadline, all while meeting or exceeding an organization's standards.

If you're looking for someone who can fulfill these expectations, you'll want to talk to me!

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